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Not your average board game selection…

You’ll always find something that peaks your interest.

WHAT Is this magical “board game rental” of which you speak?

There are a LOT of board games on the market today. A lot of time, effort, and creative juices go into the vat to create the magic that is the board game experience. And, board games, like people, are individual and unique! So, when you buy a game, you might not know until you are actually playing… whether it’s your jam. Enter Board Game Rental. You can rent it before committing.

So Why PLay a Board Game?

Sitting down with family and friends at a board game is more than just rolling dice, conquering enemies, and collecting souls… er… I digress.

Playing board games is about “hanging out”, being in the moment, building something together. It’s true face-to-face quality time. It’s memorable.

Board games can provide a “brain break”, combat boredom, and lonliness.

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Adventure awaits!

Be epic with someone you love!

3 Ways to Play

Rent in House - hang out in one of BAMF’s comfy gaming spots and play to your heart’s content.

Take Away - Rent a game for 2 nights

Annual Membership - Become a card-carrying BAMF BOARD MEMBER (see what we did there?) and rent games all year

How it works

In House - Pay the game board rental fee and play the selected game at BAMF!

Take Away - Game rental prices are based on the games suggested retail price. Renters place a card number on hold in the event the game is damaged or not returned.

Annual Membership - Receive a BAMF! Board Member card that allows you to rent board games, regardless of their retail price, for only $1 per day!

Annual Membership fee is $20.00 (less than 2 movie tickets!)

New Games every month!