The Russo Bros. explain plot holes to Endgame *SPOILERS*


Thanks to the Chinese webiste QQ, we’re beginning to get more answers to some of the major questions many of us had after watching Avengers: Endgame. In the online interview with QQ, Joe and Anthony Russo revealed many new and interesting plot points ranging from why Tony had to make the sacrificial snap to “couldn’t Doctor Strange just chop off Thanos’ arm?”.

Our thanks to Reddit user gianben123 for translating the interview as seen below.

Q: Why Iron Man has to be the one to do the final snap, couldn't the people like Thor, Star-Lord or Captain Marvel whom all previously have handled the power of Infinity Stones done it instead?

A: Thor in this movie couldn't do it, only Hulk was strong enough to do the snap without dying. We are still not sure whether Captain Marvel can also withstand all the power of Infinity Stones at once. The reason we choose to let Iron Man do it in the end was because he was the closest one to Thanos at the time. In all the futures Doctor Strange foresee, Iron Man was the only one who could get close to Thanos and do the snap. People usually think the death of a hero is a horrible tragedy. But we think this is different. When his death was able to bring back hope, to save half of the universe, then his death was powerful and meaningful. We shouldn't feel too sad or angry about it.

Q: Peggy Carter was probably already married and in her mid 40s in 1970, in that case what year was it that Captain America went back to dance with her?

A: We can't answer it for now, this is a story that happened in an alternate reality. Maybe it will be revealed in the future.

Q: Did Captain America's action at the end affect the timeline? Does that mean there was a time where two CA existed in a same universe?

A: To me, CA's action in the end wasn't the fact he wanted to change anything, it's more like me has made a choice. He chose to go back to past and lived with the one he loved for the rest of his life. The time travel in this movie created an alternate reality. He lived a completely different life in that world. We don't know how exactly his life turned out, but I'd like to believe he still helped many others when they were needed in that world. Yes, there were two CA in that reality, it's just like what Hulk said, what happened in the past has already happened. If you go back to past, you simply created a new reality. The characters in this movie created new timeline when they went back to the past, but it had no effect to the prime universe. What happened in the past 22 movies was still canon.

Q: In both IW and EG, the heroes tried their back to take the glove away from Thanos, so why didn't Doctor Strange just cut off Thanos' hand with his ability?

A: Thanos' skin is almost impenetrable, we don't know whether Doctor Strange had the capability to do it. If he failed to cut it on time, Thanos would still able to do the snap. Doctor Strange realized this issue during his millions of test runs.

Q: Why did you make Thor fat? Did Chris also become fat for the role or it was done through CG?

A: It was mostly CG'd. Thor suffered more loss than anyone else, he has been living in constant pain and regret.

Q: Was old Cap played Evans using make up? Or it was also post production CG?

A: 95% CG, 5% make up. But the voice was 100% Evans, no modification for that.

Q: Can you get the soul your sacrificed for the Soul Stone back when you return it?

A: No, the process is irreversible. Even if you have returned it to its original location, you wouldn't be able to get the person back. In fact, it's not really returning the stone, more like put it back properly. The tribute soul for the soul stone will forever be sealed in that place, therefore Black Widow is gone forever.

Q: How would Cap react when he encounter Red Skull when he returned the stone?

A: Red Skull would probably put the soul stone back to its location, and wait for the next unfortunate stone seeker to make sacrifice. Cap and Red Skull probably won't fight. It's because it's his mission to return the stone to its original place. The Red Skull is also no longer the same Red Skull from FA. He is more like a ghost, you could almost say he's a completely different entity now. He only exists to guard the stone, his past conscious may or may not exist anymore.

Q: In IW, Thanos used the time stone to reverse the time so he could the already dead Vision, and it didn't cause any time parallax. Why did no one use time stone to save Iron Man's life in EG?

A: It's because even if you save Iron Man, it will still not change the fact that Thanos will eventually win the war. Among the 14 million possibilities that Doctor Strange has seen, Iron Man's sacrifice is a must for that one win scenario.

Q: How did Thanos bring his army to the future?

A: There is a guy called Maw in his army, he was a great wizard. Thanos himself was a brilliant genius as well. Those two easily reverse engineered and mass produced Pym Particles.

Q: What about those people who got dusted? What did those five years mean to them? Why didn't they grow older when undusted?

A: Yes, those people whom was lucky to survive the snap are 5 years older than the people who just got back. The reason Spider Man saw his friend again in high school at the end was simply because his friends was unfortunately also dusted like Spider Man was. Of course, there are people in his grade whom didn't die and they are probably already in colleges by now. To those dusted people, they had no conscious in these past 5 years. They didn't know what happened. It's as if they had just woke up from a long sleep. The only one who was aware about how many years has passed was Doctor Strange, because he has already seen that when he was time mediating on Titan. Parker's reunion with Ned was a touching moment. There are also people whom indeed moved on but suddenly was reunited with their lost ones. Yeah it's kind a complicated world now.

Q: What if the mouse didn't press the button to turn on the quantum machine, wouldn't that stop EG from happening? Isn't this a bit too much of a coincidence?

A: Yes, the MOUSE SAVED THE UNIVERSE. Among the many realities in those 14 millions possible futures Doctor Strange foresee, the mouse failed to press button and thus the heroes failed in those futures.

Q: EG's plot, is it a parallel universe or a closed time loop?

A: Nope, not a time loop. Both Ancient One and Hulk were right. You can't change the future by simply going back to past. But it's possible to create a different alternate future. It's not butterfly effect. Every decision you made in the past could potentially create a new timeline. For example, the old Cap at the end movie, he lived his married life in a different universe from the main one. He had to make another jump back to the main universe at the end to give the shield to Sam.

Q: There were some metal smashing sound when the movie ended. Was that an easter egg? or just a tribute to Iron Man, or maybe an implication that Iron Man will return?

A: It was our way to say goodbye to him.

Q: Why there was no Iron Man's body in his funeral, only his arc reactor? And is there any secret messages for bring back that kid from Iron Man 3?

A: We just feel that he should participate in Iron Man's funeral. As for whether he will appear again in future, who knows.

Q: Why didn't Black Widow get a funeral as well?

A: Did you forget when the heroes where mourning for her after when they returned from past? Maybe her funeral happened off screen. Maybe it will be shown in future installment, because there are still tons of stories in MCU that are waiting to be tell.

Saga: Compendium One coming this October AND the continuation of the series!

Saga: Compendium One cover by Fiona Staples.

Saga: Compendium One cover by Fiona Staples.

Wipe those tears away that you shed from the heartbreaking ending of issue #54 and REJOICE; as there’s some beautiful SAGA news ahead!

Exclusively reported by Entertainment Weekly, all 54 issues of Saga will be collected into one volume this October! Saga: Compendium One , as it’s titled, will be the perfect jumping on point for any new reader as, hold for applause, the series will return for 54 MORE ISSUES! That’s right, we’re only at the halfway point of the series! We knew the year hiatus was only a break but news that the series will continue 54 more issues shows the dedication and love of the creative team. Both Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples expressed their appreciation for the series and it’s fans to Entertainment Weekly with the following quotes-

“Hazel’s family has come a long way since we launched Saga in 2012, and it’s very cool to see that much story all in one volume! We owe our readers massive thanks for getting us to this point, and I couldn’t be more excited for the next leg of the journey.” ~Fiona Staples

“I love Fiona’s new cover, and I’m so proud that these first 54 issues and the last seven years of our work together will be available in one gorgeous and affordable package that you can either binge over a single long vacation, or slowly savor until our series returns. And Fiona and I are excited to finally share with everyone that this compendium represents the first half of our story, a planned 108-issue epic! We’re so grateful to our amazing readers for their support and patience, and we hope this compendium will be the perfect holiday gift to help introduce your loved ones to the continuing adventures of Hazel and her star-crossed family.” ~Brian K. Vaughn

While we’re still waiting on the announcement by Vaughn and Staples as to when the series will officially return, Saga: Compendium One will be hitting BAMF! October 16th!

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Ed Brisson & Mike Perkins signing 02/20/2019

Ed Brisson.jpg

Uncanny X-Men, Dead Man Logan, Extermination, Next Gen, and X-Force. Ed Brisson continues to create riveting and innovative stories that are providing a fresh take and streamlining Marvel's X-Universe.

Meet Ed, in person while he's visiting BAMF Wednesday, March 6th from 4 to 8 pm! That's right, writer Ed Brisson will be joining us for a signing (4 to 7 pm) and a special in-store Q & A (7 to 8 pm).


Artist extraordinaire Mike Perkins will also be joining us Wednesday, March 6th for an in store signing from 4 to 7 pm with a special Q & A from 7 to 8 pm!

Mike Perkins is a comic book illustrator having worked on Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man. After wrapping up the 31 issue adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand he transitioned into illustrating Astonishing X-Men and has since successfully re-launched Deathlok, Carnage and Iron Fist .

He has recently transitioned to DC comics where he has depicted the adventures of the Green Lanterns and Swamp Thing. He has been nominated numerous times for Eisner and Harvey Awards and, as well as winning the Eagle Award, counts being on the New York Times Bestseller list and being exhibited in Munich, London and Paris amongst his career achievements.

His website is :

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*****************THIS CLASS IS FOR T'Challa/Black Panther on SATURDAY THE 23rd. Seating is limited to 10 students for this class. Please pre-pay to secure your spot(s)!

Fee: $16
Included in fee:
Professional instruction on drawing techniques and watercolor painting.
All the supplies you need to create your own watercolor painting of Black Panther.

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************THIS CLASS IS FOR JOHN STEWARD/GREEN LANTERN on SUNDAY THE 24TH. Seating is limited to 10 students for this class. Please pre-pay to secure your spot(s)!

Fee: $16
Included in fee:
Professional instruction on drawing techniques and watercolor painting.
All the supplies you need to create your own watercolor painting of GREEN LANTERN.

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Detective Comics #1000 Midnight Release at BAMF!

Detective Comics #1000 regular cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Detective Comics #1000 regular cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

The Dark Knight turns 973 and we’re celebrating this March at BAMF! Comics. You’re probably saying to yourself “Batman looks good for his age” and it’s true, the caped crusader has endured several decades and still remains one of the most recognizable and successful comic characters in history.

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Holiday Festivities at BAMF!

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