Walking Dead Day 2018 at BAMF!

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Join us as we celebrate Walking Dead Day with a plethora of giveaways and a store exclusive variant! We'll have the Walking Dead Day special as well as Walker masks and buttons!

Not only will we have the BAMF! exclusive Walking Dead #1 available ($2.99), we'll also have all 15 of the Walking Dead key issue blind bag variants ($3.99) in shop while supplies last.

Each purchase of the BAMF! exclusive Walking Dead #1 will also enter you to win the Walking Dead "Take It Like a Champ" edition 1:1 Lucille from McFarlane Toys!

Check out all the details via our FB page-

Carlos Ezquerra, co-creator of Judge Dredd, passes away

Carlos Ezquerra. Photo by Lisa Mills.

Carlos Ezquerra. Photo by Lisa Mills.

Sad news today as we learn Carlos Ezquerra (co-creator of Judge Dredd) passed away at the age of 70 after his long battle with lung cancer.

While Carlos was not the one to illustrate Judge Dredd's first appearance in the pages of 2000 AD #2 (that was Mike McMahon), he worked to create the look of Dredd and Mega City One before the character was published in 1977. Taking inspiration from a Death Race 2000 advert given to Carlos by fellow co-creator John Wagner, Judge Dredd soon manifested into the icon he is today. Though the initial story created by Wagner and Ezquerra was rejected for being too violent, it was later printed in Judge Dredd Annual 1981.

Carlos Ezquerra’s work spans far beyond his contributions to Judge Dredd though. From his work in 2000 AD with Stronium Dog and Tharg the Mighty to Preacher, Just a Pilgrim and Battlefields, the art of Ezquerra left an impression on individuals and inspired so many more.

Rest in peace, Carlos and thank you for all your contributions to the world of comics.

“Krog” from 2000 AD #5 1977

“Krog” from 2000 AD #5 1977

24 Hour Comics Day at BAMF!

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Join us at the shop as we take part in the annual event celebrating the hard work and efforts that go into creating comic books!

Originating in 1990 as a dare between Scott McCloud and Steve Bissette, the idea is simple- Artist's have 24 hours to write, draw and ink a complete 24 page comic. Check out Scott's page to learn more about the beginning and history of the 24 hour challenge and all it's grown to become-


The event will start at 12:01 am Saturday and go until 12:01 am Sunday. This is a free event but all participants must e-mail bamfcomicstore@gmail.com to be included. Doors will be locked during non-business hours and only participants will be allowed in shop. Feel free to bring food and drink (non-alcohol) to the event.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail the shop at bamfcomicstore@gmail.com. Even if you don't complete the challenge, you're still creating comics and we embrace that! Don't be shy, come out and make some comics with us. We'll see you at the shop!

Gallery of Gangsters & Goons Art Show

Our first art exhibition is now on display at the shop! The instillation in celebration of Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 will be up through October 19th.

With more artists still submitting pieces to the show, there’s a plethora of talent to see on display at BAMF! We’ll see you at the shop!

Eyes, lungs, pancreas... NEW VENOM TRAILER drops and we're HUNGRY FOR MORE!

Venom 2.png

Sony Pictures recently released a new Venom trailer and they've givin' us exactly what we wanted... MORE VENOM. It's a Venom movie and by now, in this day and age, we're not looking to see an origin story build up 3/4 of the film. We love you Tom but give us our Lethal Protector, get him talking and make him hungry for BRAINS. 

Speaking of brains, anyone else notice that beautiful similarity in Venom's voice and the 1991 Marvel Superheroes Electronic Venom "Talks" figure by Toy Biz?! Now that it's stuck in our head we're hoping that "I WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAIN" line is actually in the movie!
Have a listen cause it's about DEAD ON.

Whether it was planned or not (probably not) it's just another little bit of symbiote icing on this turd of a cake. All joking aside, no criticizing here until we've seen the actual movie.

We're looking forward to seeing Venom on the big screen again so here's hoping they get it right. October can't come soon enough! Until then sound off with your thoughts and let's watch that new trailer once again!