What is... BAMF?

Comic book shops can be so much more than places that sells books... and when we started BAMF! Comics & Coffee we had many goals and dreams, but the dream that took precedence was community. We set out to create a place that feels like a home-away-from-home, a place of inclusion, a refuge for all, a place to be part of something.

Whether you read one book, twenty, or none... whether you hang out with us until closing or finish your homework alone at a booth... whether you feel comfortable arguing plot lines and characters at the sub-counter or enjoy listening to the chaos from a distance... whether you want to watch a movie solo or with a sidekick... or maybe just share your favorite scenes with us... you are a part of the BAMF community and for that we are humbled.

Oh and what is BAMF literally? BAMF is onomatopoeia, or a sound effect, for teleportation. 


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